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Artillery® Hornet 3D Printer

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* Quiet Stepper Motors
* Titan-style Bowden Extruder
* Modular Hotend
TYPE: Glass-Bed
COMPATIBLE: Custom 32 Bit Board

Artillery Genius 3D Printer

Main features of Artillery Genius

  • Patented Z-axis coupler 
    • Resolves layering issues and improves printing accuracy.
  • Improved Z axis Belt Pulley System results in an overall more stable printing experience, especially under high-speed movement.
  • AC Fast heating print bed
    • Genius Ultrabase bed reaching up to 100 °C in just under 2 mins
  • Auto bed-leveling ready - Genius features only manual leveling. Large leveling knob for easier leveling. However Artillery reserves space for BLTouch or any other auto leveling sensor if you want to upgrade for auto bed leveling
  • Direct Drive Extruder
    • Direct drives are a great benefit on 3D printers as they alleviate all of the issues seen with Bowden cables.
    • Allow you to print with soft and flexible filament materials like TPU and TPE. 
  • Silent Stepper Driver will have you guessing if the printer is running
  • TFT Color Touch Screen
  • Resume print function
  • Filament runout detection
  • Inductive Sensor Endstop
  • Dual Z axis design will the stabilize the larger/taller prints.
  • Adjustable Filament spool holder

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