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Maroon PLA Filament 1.75mm 1kg

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PLA 1.75 1kg MAROON Filament by PROFIT3D
Part Number: F175-1-PLA-MAROON
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PLA 1.75mm 1kg Maroon Filament by PROFIT3D.

Our 3d printer filament is about passion. A passion for 3d printing! We design our filament to be universally compatible with all 3d printers and especially 3d pens. Precision and consistency in the diameter of our filament is what you can expect. Our filaments printability and lower temperature requirements keep your 3d printer, printing, and not clogging! This is as good as a 3d printing filament can be. We do this for the makers and entrepreneurs out there, just like us! We know a lot of you run businesses, 3d printing for a clientele, which means our filament is a key ingredient in how you make money. Profit3D prides itself on being a part of that critical process and we will always rise to the occasion, our promise to you!

Features of Profit3D PLA Filament Include:
-Best value for professional-grade 3d printer filament.
-Widest variety of filament colors of any brand online.
-Heated bed not required for Profit3D PLA filament.
-Profit3D filament requires a low melt temp making it easy to print with.

3D Printer Settings For Profit3D PLA Filament:
-Hotend/Nozzle - 190C - 220C
-Heated Bed (Not Required) - 0C - 60C
-Made in the USA with 100% virgin materials.
-Inspected to meet the quality standard of 1.75mm +/- .05mm in diameter and .03mm in roundness.
-Net Weight of each spool of filament is 1kg.

Each item is made and inspected for the highest quality right here in the U.S.A.

SATISFACTION: Each item is backed by our money-back "PROFIT3D Guarantee"


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